PREY PRODUCTIONS in association with Flooded Arts and partners releases the much awaited BRINGING BACK THE GAME E.P @ with launch in Bangkok. Critically acclaimed Hip-Hop!!!!

( July 17, 2011 —

The much anticipated release of Prey Productions and Flooded Art’s “Bringing Back THE Game” E.P has been confirmed and released in Asia, with a launch on the July 15th, 2011 in Bangkok. A collaborative effort between Prey Productions and also Flooded Arts and partners has allowed the realization of a project 18 months in development. Featuring 12 fresh tracks, the pivotal theme of the EP, is about paying homage to Hip-Hop as a movement and for the sake of keeping it developing communities, and giving back the the fans instead of having it’s Identity becoming a Corporate & commercial identity. The hit single track which hit number 7 in the Charts in Australia and has been doing well abroad in Asia, Africa and Europe, “Bringing Back the Game” by THE E.O.P and featuring K.n.D as well as Jay-Z ( on the hook) was originally written and recorded / produced by Prey Productions in Hong Kong. Once the association was made with Uk’s DJ Kon-tempt the track was taken to whole new direction, and has received critical acclaim as well as being the feature track on the E.P. The digital single release was made at and at with several deals being struck for distribution in Thailand first on the official E.P.

The digital release for the E.P will be released via and will be available on all online music stores for immediate purchase. With several projects in the works currently it seems like a very busy year fro THE E.O.P, M.C.D and also Prey Productions as they continue to innovate and expand to various other media solutions and push music and its associated entities to the limit… Check out more on today and become a fan on Facebook of THE E.O.P @ and also of FLOODED ARTS / PREY PRODUCTIONS @

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